Friday, February 20, 2015

GEOBASS: They're living the dream

These guys have got it right.  Traveling the globe.  Fly-fishing.  Exploring.  Traveling.  Living the ultimate angling adventure.  If you haven't already, watch some of their episodes.

Here's the most recent, from Brazil:

It's along the lines of something I'd like to do… travel the Pan American Highway.  Or at least most of it.  Fish all the way down.  Fresh and salt.  Trout.  Salmon.  Pike.  Bass.  Redfish.  Permit.  Bones.  Tarpon.  Anything and everything.  Better start saving up some major cash.  That's Trip Option 1/Pretty Darn Expensive Option/Probably a bit Overly Optimistic Option.  Not saying it won't happen.  But maybe Option 2 might be more realistic.

Trip Option 2/Slightly More Economic Option/More Probable Option is to buy a 30 some foot sailboat, cruise the Intra-Coastal with my gheenoe.  Stripers up North.  Work south.  Carolina puppy drum.  Florida reds, snook, tarpon.  All the way to the Bahamas.  Or hell, maybe even keep going.

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