Thursday, December 21, 2017

Woodberry Alumni Hunt

Duck hunting on the Currituck sound is special.  Even more so when you get to hunt with good buddies who you haven't seen in a while. 

There's the waterfowling history of the place.  The ducks, on their way south down the Atlantic flyway, have made the sound a duck hunting destination for over one hundred years.  Generations of Currituck watermen have guided not only North Carolinians here, but also hunters from all over the country.  

Hunting is done largely the same way that it's been done for a while, from a "scissor rig" in open water.  A "U" shaped juniper frame rests on the bow and gunwale on the ride out.  It is pushed off the gunwale and floats around the boat's bow and port and starboard sides.  Pine cuttings are put upright into holes drilled in the floating juniper.  Then, even more pine cuttings are used to bush up the boat.  The rig itself is anchored, and the boat is tied to the rig, allowing for the boat to untie and retrieve birds.  

Even without a strong weather event, the sound still offers prime opportunities for a Carolina mixed bag.  

About six years ago, we hunted with long-time guide, Paul Garrett.  We hunted with him again this year, and again, we had a great time on the sound.  He's got one heck of a dog, Bocephus, who loves making triple bird retrieves.

Give Paul a shout at 252-267-3056 if you want to hunt on the sound.

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